Moresby Cartography


They pride ourselves on providing beautifully created maps to their customers. They offer a wide range of products and deliver customers traditionally crafted maps for many occasions. They also work with many companies and councils to create maps for business use.


Brand values:

Bespoke - Our tailored approach to cartography will give you a personalised solution for your map needs.

Traditional - Moresby are proud to still be using the same techniques used hundreds of years ago.

Friendly - We give the same high quality in everything we create, we work with customers on a personnel level to provide something special.

Family Values - Moresby has been a family run business since the 1800s.


I have created a Brand that represents the core values of Moresby Cartography and is traditional with a modern twist.

The  logo with the collateral creates a strong brand for Moresby Cartography and will attract new customers whilst keeping the existing.


For the collateral I have kept with the traditional style by creating a handing sign for the shop, but also window sign-age for that modern twist.

The business cards are made from recycled paper, this shows customers that they care the the world they map out.


Because Moresby is so different I wanted to keep their collateral different from the rest, my research showed that there are not many companies doing what Moresby do, they are unique and innovative and this solution to their identity will successfully demonstrate that.



**Please note this is a student brief and was not requested by a real publishing house**

Graphic Designer & Photographer - Abbey Purkiss

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